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Path: Parts and Accessories :Capos/Slides - Add a Site
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POPULAR Bird of Paradise Creates custom capos and slides for guitar. Information Center, products, artist endorsements and history on the company.
POPULAR byXuMxTC 3konOp owqfepkarqpd, [url=http://fnoiybvlktvl.com/]fnoiybvlktvl[/url], [link=http://emizbshyyhlf.com/]emizbshyyhlf[/link], http://xioylhilmtcq.com/
POPULAR Custom Handcrafted Guitar Slides from Rocky Mt. Slides Company All of these slides and tone bars in the RMSC family, are hand crafted (in small batches, to ensure quality) right here in Salida, Colorado known in the area as the “ Heart of the Rockies”, with in throwing distance from the continental divide. Each slide is hand worked, and are hand dipped in our specially formulated high fire/or lower fire glazes, to bring out specific tonal qualities from each model. The best rule of thumb with these slides is this; The thicker the wall, the warmer the tone. We now offer over 300 possibilities in Finger Slides and over 98 in our line on hand crafted Tone Bars!! So, more than likely, you will be able to find a Custom Fit and Tone that will open up a whole world of possibilities for your customers…at a GREAT PRICE!!
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POPULAR Glider Capo Contains information on this capo technology, ordering, and a capo movie. Features a close-up view of the product and contact information.
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POPULAR guitar slides by SILICA SOUND Hand-blown tapered-fit slides with original colorful art making each one unique. Thickening of one end creates a snug comfortable fit.
POPULAR guitar slides by SILICA SOUND Hand-blown, tapered-fit, denser sounding guitar slides with artistic coloring. (Promotional no-cost slides available for limited time.) Now also available in EUROPE.
POPULAR Jet Slide Manufactures a revolutionary slide tool that lets you play blues, rock, or country slide guitar licks without any interruption. Read testimonials and order online.
POPULAR Old Chicago Slide Company Manufactures specialized guitar slides created from old glass bottles. Find out how the handcrafting provides a special vintage sound.
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POPULAR Shubb Company Makes the world famous Shubb Capo and computer software products for musicians: SongMaster and GigMaster. Contains a product list and pricing info.
POPULAR Silica Sound Guitar Slides - Official Site Silica Sound glass guitar slides are hand-blown with a thickened end to promote a unique grip on the tip of your finger, while adding mass for better sustain.They are unlike any other glass guitar slide in the way they feel, sound and look. Silica Sound brand guitar slides are the original hand-blown glass guitar slide made with a tapered fit. Made entirely in the U.S.A.
POPULAR Silica Sound Slides Hand-blown, tapered-fit guitar slides carried by over 50 West Coast musical instruments stores, from San Diego to Seattle. Get two no-cost promotional slides. No purchase or postage. Also available in Europe.
POPULAR Sixth Finger Promotes the Axys Reversible Guitar Slide. Contains product description, sizing information, contact info, and ordering info.
POPULAR Sixth Finger Music Company Manufactures the Axys reversible guitar slide. View photos of the slide in action. Choose from four different sizes to find the right one.
POPULAR StringBeam Manufactures a specially designed capo that can fret individual strings. Find out what musicians use the StringBeam and read reviews of the product.
POPULAR The Worlds First and Only Hybred Giutar Slide! A Fine Family of Hand Crafted Guitar Slides, that offer the diserning slider, tones ranging from a thick Glass slide to the warmest Ceramic slide made in the market today! Come get some Rocky Mountain Mojo!
POPULAR The Worlds First and Only Hybrid Guitar Slide From the Rocky Mountains comes a family of unique Hand Crafted Guitar Slides that offer the "Lost Tones" between a thick glass slide and a Ceramic slide.
POPULAR The Worlds First and Only Hybrid Guitar Slide From the Rocky Mountains of Colorado comes a family of unque hand crafted ceramic guitar slides like no other. Created to be a tonal hybrid between a thick glass and warm ceramic slide.
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