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POPULAR Big Daddy Doodle's Guitaropedia Includes everything from guitar basics to intervals. To fully utilize the sound files on the site you need a MIDI player. Chord Camps feature constantly updated mini-lessons.
POPULAR Black Belt Guitar Academy Free on-line guitar lessons dedicated to helping guitar players earn their black belt.
POPULAR Black Belt Guitar Academy Free guitar lessons online for guitar players who want a comprehensive approach to playing any style. 8 belt levels mark your progress from white (beginner) to black belt (expert). Chord and Scale Generator, Forum, Links and more.
POPULAR Blues Guitar A series of original lessons on blues guitar from basic to advanced. By Olav Torvund.
POPULAR Blues Guitar Corner Choose from a variety of blues and rock guitar lessons including soloing, scales, runs, and more. Learn chord theory, construction, and view scales charts.
POPULAR BluesGuitarist.Org Learn blues guitar with sound tracks and tablature illustrated with animations and a music reader that shows where notes are on the fretboard. Jam with a certain style or Pick-a-Lick, all for free.
POPULAR Bob's Guitar Playing Tips Guitar tutor that teaches lead, rhythm, and bass to everyone from beginners to gig level. Learn popular styles and playing techniques. Features tablature and lyrics of traditional songs.
POPULAR Bob's Guitar Tips A guitar lesson site featuring tablature for popular rock songs and traditional tunes. Get tips on tuning, playing, and maintaining your instrument.
POPULAR Bruce Arnold's Music Workshop An educational site for instrumentalists interested in building their overall musicianship, technique, and improving their understanding of improvisational concepts.
POPULAR Centro Flamenco Centro Flamenco is dedicated to providing the best in flamenco Dance and Guitar lessons in Vancouver, Canada. Choose from a variety of techniques and styles.
POPULAR Childbloom Guitar Program Musical education program for children between the ages of 5 and 12. Contains information about the program and testimonials from parents. Find out what's new and how to enroll.
POPULAR chrisjuergensen advanced lessons
POPULAR Church Bass Designed to teach the basics behind christian music. Includes music downloads, gear reviews, tablature, and more. Get basic information on the history of church bass.
POPULAR Classical etudes for lead guitar Chop building exercises in tab and standard notation with MIDI files. Choose from a variety of etudes and listen along while you learn.
POPULAR Club Lickit Take the tour and find out what the site has to offer you. Features online lessons and club benefits. Become a member and find out more about the creator.
POPULAR Co-Acoustic.com Teaches all the basics behind playing acoustic guitar. Click on the section of the site you want and then play along. Includes a tip of the week and featured Jam Tracks.
POPULAR Crossroads Guitar Learn guitar through streaming video, live online lessons, and sound clips. View the free promotional video on Real Player and get free lesson tips.
POPULAR Custom Lessons at Home Features lessons in the comfort of your own home. Contains sample lessons, reviews, frequently asked questions, and more. Find out how it's done.
POPULAR Cyberfret Learn to play the guitar with these free lessons and instruction. Lessons incorporate MIDI files and video clips. Teaches beginners to advanced.
POPULAR CyberfretBass.com Free online electric bass lessons using audio and video. This site also features a tablature section and links to many bass and music resources.
POPULAR Dan's Guitar Page A variety of guitar resources and tutorials. Lessons structured for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Find a music teacher and join the mailing list.
POPULAR Dan's Guitar Stuff A collection of online lessons for jazz & blues guitarists. Features audio examples, graphics, and e-mail support. Start learning immediately or link to other sites in the Jazz Guitar Ring.
POPULAR Danman's Music Learning Library A digital streaming video music lessons database. Features a sheet music-notation and lesson plans database. Choose from lessons for a variety of instruments.
POPULAR Dansm's Guitar Scale Lessons Dedicated to teaching guitarts the importance of scales in music theory. Learn the basics behind scale notation and which scales you should learn first.
POPULAR Deb's Music Lessons A collection of music lessons designed for music lovers. Locate a music teacher for guitar, bass, and other instruments. Includes sample lessons for voice training.
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