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POPULAR ** Guitar Chord Explorer ** A free online Java program which allows you to explore, search and build hundreds of guitar chords
POPULAR A Passion for Jazz! History of Jazz music origins, styles and musicians featuring photo gallery, timeline, festivals, webcasts, piano chords, scales, online lessons and teacher locator.
POPULAR A Passion for Jazz! History of Jazz music origins, styles and musicians featuring photo gallery, timeline, festivals, webcasts, piano chords, scales, online lessons and teacher locator.
POPULAR AUDIBLE NUMBERS Finite measurements of the chromatic instrument.
POPULAR Black Belt Guitar Academy Offering a unique approach to mastering the guitar... Martial Arts style!
POPULAR Blues Barn Features blues-based guitar lessons with sound clips and backing tracks for instruction. Link to other useful blues resources and join the official blues ring.
POPULAR Blues Soloing and Basic Harmony Covers the basic 12-bar blues form and ways that you can imply the chord changes by knowing a little bit of basic harmony. Features chord charts and instructions.
POPULAR EarMaster Ear Training Interactive ear training software with guitar and bass fretboard interfaces. For Windows and Mac.
POPULAR Earplane - Online Ear Training Earplane is a free multilingual ear training site. Work alone or compete with others on hiscore sums. Over 200 levels of exercises. Beginners and experts can follow progress on private statistics pages. New exercises every month.
POPULAR Easy Music Theory A collection of lessons on music theory starting with the musical staff and how to read music. Learn about intervals, triads, scales, and more.
POPULAR Fretology Fretology is a term we coined meaning the "Study Of Guitar" or more appropriately, "Total Mastery Of Guitar" or even "The Science Of Guitar". We are dedicated to providing the best resource for beginning guitarists. New lessons added all the time!
POPULAR Good Ear A completely free ear training site that helps you to develop good musical ears. Learn to identify music with exercises on intervals, sales, and chords.
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POPULAR Greg's Music Theory Page Teaches the general theory behind music patterns, but not about reading music. Learn how scales and chords fit together and use it to create your own music.
POPULAR Greg's Music Theory Page Contains a group of lessons on music theory and scales for guitar. Link to a variety of guitar resource sites. Learn how to read music.
POPULAR Guitar Chord Theory Teaches basic theory behind the different keys in music and translates them to the guitar. Contains info on circle of fifths, sevenths, chord construction, and more. Includes informational diagrams.
POPULAR Guitar Concepts A lesson plan that breaks your practicing down into three seperate areas covering the Body, mind, and soul. Learn chords, scales, tablature, and ear training.
POPULAR Guitar Scale Dictionary Draws a wide variety of scales on a virtual fretboard.
POPULAR Guitar Theory Resources Access resources on guitar theory and musical notation. Contains indexed informaion on progressions, improvisation, blues, keys, and much more.
POPULAR GuitarBasics.com Hundreds of free guitar theory lessons & more!
POPULAR GuitarInsite History of the electric guitar. The famous guitar Leo Fender, Orville Gibson, Doc Kauffman, Les Paul, C.F. Martin and other.. Explanation about effect equipment with demos.. Guitar Heroes.. Stories.. and lot of guitars...
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